Prisoners Of Technology – in the beginning

Original creators of P.O.T were TMS 1 & K-Dub, the pair joined forces around 1990 when K-Dub lent TMS 1 his Roland W30 workstation with an in-built sampler and sequencer. it was with this keyboard that TMS 1 and K-Dub learned the art of sampling. Then came an atari st 1040 computer (with midi ports) running the first versions of cubase, which was a total game changer, as it was on this atari that TMS 1 learned to perfect his writing/arranging skills.

P.O.T’s new studio setup in 1996

In 1994 K-Dub heavily invested in some new equipment (and lots of it, as seen in this video click here to view) and with TMS 1‘s hard work at mastering the equipment & his ability to get the most out of it, mixed with K-Dubs conspiracy filled mind, created the foundations for the whole vibe and feel of the P.O.T’s sound. This new found addiction to learn new tricks in the studio lead to TMS 1 buying his beloved Akai s3000xl sampler in 1995.

It was around that time that Magic used to play P.O.T’s dub’s on pirate stations in Essex and because he had contacts that could get the P.O.T sound’s released on vinyl he eventually joined TMS 1 & K-Dub  and between the three boys from Essex they created their very own Freshkutt label.

fresh kutts in dressing room 1 small size
from Left to right – Magic, TMS 1, K-Dub

Since P.O.T’s first release TMS 1‘s production skills were getting noticed worldwide as every release tore its way through the core of the drum n bass scene getting top reviews from every respected angle. The Prisoners of Technology (TMS 1) went on to remix such names as, Wu-Tang (Buddha Monk), 187 Lockdown, the Freestylers, N.W.A and the Beastie Boys (which claimed the number 1 position in most dance charts, & reached number 5 in the U.K national charts !!!freshkutt full 1.8mb

(P.O.T) TMS 1 stopped producing tunes for fresh kutt (after realising what was actually going on, contract wise and for a list of other reasons) and as a result the fresh kutt label ended back in 1999.

Since then TMS 1 writes & produces under the name of the Prisoners of Technology (as a solo artist) and only releases tracks on his very own label………. BATTLEMASTER RECORDS

and the story continues.


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